Initial Steps

Martina and Sean met mid-March 2015 to discuss how to get the project going. As well compiling their ideas for possible panel locations, content and design thereof. This meeting also idenitified three key steps to be undertaken.

1. Contacting people and groups (some listed here) they felt might engage activiely with the project or who could provide some guidance on how to proceed.

2. Begin moving toward a launch meeting which would (a) inform the local and wider community of the project and (b) invite those interested to get involved and share ideas for panel location, design and content (perhaps at a workshop-styled event).

3. The construction of a wsbsite which would serve several functions and support their work by:

  • providing a method of keeping the general public, as well as those involved those about how the project was progressing
  • acting as a repository of ideas, issues, decisions (and why/how they were arrived at!) ews about the project etc
  • in the long-term, once the Panels themselves were in situ, to act as an additional complementary resourse to the Panels. For instance, showing locally-taken pictures or written content which was not included in the panels. Or perhaps using QR codes to link people to a page where they could choose to view the content of a given Panel in their own language.