A Brighter Future for Elsinore House revealed

Stories of smugglers, secret tunnels, silent sea birds and ancient burial sites enthralled the  large 80+ crowd who participated in the National Heritage Week event we jointly hosted with An Taisce’s Northwest Local Association last Monday, August 22nd.

Tamlyn McHugh (far right), An Taisce North West Local Association, informing people about Elsinore House at Rosses Point
Tamlyn McHugh (far right), An Taisce North West Local Association, informing people about Elsinore House at Rosses Point

Our walk began at Elsinore House, a very significant place in the young lives and of both William and Jack B. Yeats. It was here that participants heard the good news that funding had been secured through the Heritage Council, with the aid of the local branch of An Taisce, to have a conservation report done on Elsinore House – as a first and vital stage in identifying a brighter future for this valuable part of Rosses Point’s cultural heritage.

The beautiful evening sunshine enabled us bring participants comfortably down the nearby pier to get a better view of Oyster Island and share interesting details about the array of landmarks on island: barrows, cottages, lighthouses, lime kilns, oyster farms and more. Further along the scenic walk route yet more local gems were introduced – some of which had gone totally unnoticed before, even by some of the regular route walkers. Including such features as Jackson’s Pier, mooring buoys, pilot houses, and the wild flower that gives gentle pain relief. The crowd also saw and heard about the wide range of sea weeds and sea creatures that live in the nearby rock pools as well as the various sea and land birds of the locality – including one with very strange food preparation techniques (see photo)! The rich maritime history of Rosses Point was then also recalled when the walk finished beside the Waiting on Shore statue.

We would like to thank each and every one of you who joined us that evening. We never dreamed we’d have 80+ listening so attentively. You made our evening very worthwhile and rewarding – especially those of you who came forward with corrections and suggestions! Thank you!

if you have more, especially with regard to our plan to locate a series of unobtrusive interpretive panels along the promenade and coastal walk, we’d love to hear from you! Similarly, if you feel you have something to offer our local An Tasice group, you can reach them through their Facebook page.