• Collasping / expandale aspect (like Dooney / Hazel woods)
  • Binoculars / viewer – at a few locations?
  • Signs in footpath / built-in
  • Bicycle Lock points
  • Parking spots at start of prom
  • Compass included in legend
  • Website to provide downloadable activity sheet(s) which people can print / view on device as they use the walkways (possibly two: one for adults, one for children)
  • There may be some consistently repeatedly content on all panels (legend showing map with distances between signs; Quick Response Codes (QR codes). There may be a single QR code linking people to this website… from where they could perhaps chosoe their own language, view information & images not on the Panel immediately in front of them, or download an activity sheet. Or perhaps there might be separate QR codes for these functions? Each QR code should be accompanied by the URL (preferably sematic) it directs to… so people who don’t have smart phone / scanner with them may recall and access that URL later.