Panel 8


This proposed panel was eventually decided against and removed from the map. Because:

  1. the location is a on a sharp bend in the village with no footpath and it’s existence could encourage pedestrians to frequent and linger at what could be a dangerous location
  2. the suggested content (about Elsinore House, Moyle Lodge and the Yeats brothers use thereof) could be readily subsumed into Panel 4 across the prom near the entrance to the RNLI station/harbour. (Note: Panel 8 was removed from the map, and its suggested content added to Panel 4 on 2015-04-26)

Possible location: near pillars for old Elsinore House entrance / Moyle Lodge

Possible content:

  • Moyle Lodge used by Yeats
  • Pillars mark entrance to Elsinore (Yeats brothers used it more than Moyle Lodge)
  • Remarks about view (Knocknarea, Ox Mountains)
  • About Elsinore House
  • Acts as a junction – P route or looped route?
  • Legend containing compass and distance to neighbouring signs